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feminism is more than you think

Feminism has many faces. Making gender based injustice visible and fighting the patriarchy may be the smallest common factors, but the resulting consequences and liberation strategies vary extremely.

We understand feminism to be diverse, as an anti-sexist, anti-racist and anti-capitalist fight against oppression and for free rooms spaces.

The mechanisms of oppression are built on social constructs like gender, identity, nationality, sexuality, religion, age, economic status and appearance. Oppression oftentimes occurs through multiple social constructs at the same time.

March 8th is widely known as “Women’s Day” – this title is long out-of-date. Feminists are not just women, feminist are people of all genders.

We have to be diverse in our global fight against the patriarchy! In families! In teachers! In institutions! In our heads! In everyday life! In the streets! Everywhere and all the time!

For a free, self-determined and equal life for everyone.

This is why we are calling for a Feminist Fight Day in 2018!

We have selected the focal points of this year’s FKT from a recent reference. We are aware that these are by no means complete.

you create your own family

Last year, an important, long overdue amendment happened in Germany: 1. Marriage equality was granted for everyone, and 2. The recognition of the 3rd option regarding gender was enacted.

Traditional family structures based on a hierarchy of the sexes with conservative world views still need to actively be disassembled in order to make space, acceptance and ideas for contemporary family constellations and emancipated living environments for parents, children and young people.

Usually women* are responsible for protection and for reproductive work before and after a pregnancy; their role is often reduced along the neoliberal self-optimization ideology to the stressed reconciliation of work and family. Especially in leftist circles that view themselves as emancipated, equal participation and acceptance of families needs to be a key element of feminist self-image.

keep the government out of my uterus

Women* that want to have an abortion are not only devalued and stigmatized by society, but also by the state.

Abortions are factually illegal (§218 StGB)! Only under certain circumstances is the procedure permitted (§218a StGB), though with extreme hurdles. Affected women* can perceive the circumstance of an unwanted pregnancy as a conflict of values, but also as a conflict of power and information.

Kristina Hänel, a gynecologist from Gießen who was sentenced for listing abortion as one of her services, shows the significance of §219a StGB.

Like every year, anti-abortionists with close links to AfD and CDU will organize a so-called “Marches for Life,” for example in Annaberg-Buchholz.

Come to the counter demonstration in Annaberg-Buchholz, show your solidarity and let us fight together for the abolishment of the §218 and §219a StGB!

sex work is work!

Especially in the feminist discourse, sex work is always subject to controversial discussions. It is clear that sex workers are subjected to objectification and social stigma even in alleged leftist spaces. Sex work is an area with many faces that need to be regarded differently. Obviously we are against forced prostitution and human trafficking. On the other hand, sex workers must be strengthened in their rights as wage laborers. Since the coming into effect of the so-called Prostitution Protection Act last year, it is very important to us to support sex workers and to call out institutions and authorities on their position of power. Sex work is work and the increasing illegalization, official controls and repressions increase the risk of compulsory contexts and deprive them of self-determination.

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only yes means yes

#metoo is more than just a debate, it shows that many people, especially women*, encounter sexualized violence on different levels on a daily basis. The countless experiences of violence and the frequent silence regarding these experiences show (institutional) failure when dealing with misogynistic acts and thinking. This debate is indispensable, not just in a society where a hashtag is met by such a huge response, but worldwide. We demand sexual self-determination for everyone as well as the respect of personal boundaries. Therefore, we must continue to fight against the objectification of women* and existing power structures.

The most extreme form of violence against women is the femicide. Femicide is the killing of women* for being women*. Examples are murder by the partner, so-called honor-killings and rape that ends in death. According to statistics, there is one murder or attempted murder of a women* in partnerships or marriages every day in Germany alone. It is important to shed light on this distinct form of violence, as well as to give it a name and raise awareness.

We must counteract this and to provide information. We do not want another murdered woman* – no more! Ni una menos!

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We are convinced that this demonstration is a good opportunity to bring feminist content to the streets. Be militant, be loud, show solidarity! Join the demonstration and the events around the FKT!

Feminist Fight Day is every day – in solidarity, diverse, global.

We wish for a closed demonstration without national, party, and union flags.